10 Things You should Not Do When in Goa

things not to do in goa

Looking forward to visit Goa? You must have started preparing a list of what to do and where to go when in the state. However, there are only a few who focus on no-nos of the visit.

Here are some things not to do in Goa:

  1. Do Not Ignore Luxury Villas

    things not to do in goa

Your Goa vacation is incomplete if you do not book a luxury villa. These luxury villas in Goa are beautifully built, exquisitely decorated, and equipped lavishly to make your trip memorable. Book one to experience the real essence of Goa.

  1. Do Not Surf during the Monsoons

    things not to do in goa

Although monsoons may seem to be the perfect time to plunge into the waves. However, this can be dangerous. Your lifeguard may not be able to save you. An unforeseen storm may cause injury. So avoid surfing during the rainy season in Goa.

  1. Do Not Rent a Car

    things not to do in goa

Unless you are in Goa with kids, do not rent a car. The cars are available at very high prices all around the state. Renting bikes is affordable and super fun. This is the best way to experience Goa.

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  1. Do Not Skimp on Sunscreen

    things not to do in goa

The temperature of Goa can be very harmful for your skin. Sun shines all through the year and the harsh rays can burn your skin and produce irreparable damage. Just an hour on the beach is enough to toast you crisp. So lather up sunscreen (at least 50 SPF) to avoid sun spots or sunburns. It is also important to avoid melanoma.

  1. Do Not Visit Goa in December

    things not to do in goa

The best time to visit Goa is monsoons. Also referred to as the ‘off season’, this is the time when you can have a great time It is serene, fun, affordable, and relaxing during monsoons. You will be away from the maddening crowd.

  1. Do Not Expect 5 Star Treatment at Shacks

    things not to do in goa

An expert tip is to allow the poor guys a break. They are humans too. If you are adamant about getting an A-class treatment, book a swanky hotel!

  1. Do Not Litter

    things not to do in goa

The beaches here in Goa are loved for the white sand and beautiful, pristine waters. But enter? a random group of people who leave those beer bottles on the beach along wrappers of all sorts of things. Do NOT do this. Littering or spitting in this beautiful city just hurts, both physically and mentally. Don’t ruin those beaches for other people. Instead, make good use of those numerous garbage bins, okay? Thank you.

  1. Do Not Overdo

    things not to do in goa

Goa is a land of alcohol and parties. And the best part is Goa offers CHEAP alcohol! When in Goa, party hard. However, do it responsibly. Losing your head and get into an unnecessary squabble with the locals may mar the fun of your trip. Locals in Goa will not take this attitude in good light. Driving drunk or lying on the beach drenched is an absolute No-No. This can get you into trouble with the cops, insects, or locals.

  1. Do Not Restrict yourself to Shacks

    things not to do in goa

When in Goa, go beyond shacks for tasting the best of food. An expert tip is to take a spice plantation tour. This is especially important if you’ve had enough of the run-of-the-mill food served at most Goan beach shacks. Discover the real Goan food. There are many spice plantations bunched around Ponda (South Goa). The tour is followed by an appetizing traditional lunch.

  1. Do Not Overdo PDA

    things not to do in goa

Strictly avoid taking PDA to the next level. You may get a room. Although Goa is a pretty cool place, no one appreciates the excess display of affection in public. This may be seen as an offense by locals and other tourists (especially heartbroken individuals and families). 

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