10 Things To Do In Singapore For A Romantic Vacation

10 things to do in singapore

Singapore is the place with every type of commodities here to have a perfect holiday. This city gives you everything you want without any doubt and this makes this city unique in the whole Asian continent.

 Here are 10 things to do in Singapore which can help you in a very large extent.

1) Experience of Spa:

If you plan a tour package for Singapore and don’t keep any Spa experience opportunity in it, then it will be really unfair. The spa sessions are really famous here and it is refreshing for everyone too.

2) Universal Studio:

It is the best theme park in Asia. It has around 20 rides to make you realize that life is really a picnic itself. The studio offers so many amusements that you will forget every tension in your life.

3) Gardens:

Singapore has gardens just beside the bay. And it very popular among couples. The unique architecture of this place can give you the feeling contentness in yourself.

4) Night Safari:

If both of you and your partner are nature and wildlife loving, then it is the best place for you to spend your honeymoon. So many species and animals can light up your mood instantly here.

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5) Private Cooking Classes:

If both of you claims to be a foodie, then you must be liking the Thai food. Then why not try to make it? Yes, there are nice places where they can teach you how to make delicious Thai foods so that you can relish the taste even when you are not in Thailand.

6) Photoshoot:

Everyone likes to be shot by all kind of cameras. Here you can get awesome photoshoots with your better half which can make you feel like you both are some characters of classic Hollywood movies.

7) Cable Car Dining:

Normal dinner is getting really boring day by day. So Singapore has brought to you the offer of having your romantic dinner in the cable car. Which mixes a tinge of adventure to your boring dinner session.

8) Sentosa Island:

You can call this place as a land of joy. It has different cultures meeting together in one place through various activities. The sun-kissed beach experience is a must here.

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9) Singapore City Tour:

Whenever we go somewhere, a city tour is a must to know the place properly. So Singapore also offers a city tour which includes showing you the right places to shop from the city so that you can satisfy your shopaholic mind.

10) Dinner at Peony Jade:

It is the best Cantonese restaurant in Singapore. So you must try the delicious food of this place for sure at the very beginning of your romantic holiday.

This was a tiny list of the best places to set up a honeymoon package for Singapore. This city is full of adventure and romance. So if you love both, this is the place for you.

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