Australia and Africa – Magical Countries You Must Visit

Characterized by endemic species which can’t be found anywhere else in the world, (like cheetahs and kangaroos) and massive deserts that stretch for thousands of miles on end, Australia and Africa are continents with rich natural resources and unique flora and fauna. So, a perfect tourist destination! Whether you’re fancying trekking with guides to discover ancient caves rich with those drawings of men with spears and wildebeests, or you’d like to embark upon a coastal hike to make some breathtaking photos of the beaches, these two continents will provide with all the relevant materials in those departments you’ll ever need.

Of course, other than walking about and taking pictures, there are other activities you can take up while abroad somewhere in Africa or Australia.

In this article, we’re going to list some of them, so that you can figure out what of it seems attractive to you as your personal touristic goal.

Right then, without further ado, let’s see what we’ve got here! Africa and What to Do Once You’re There Avoid dodgy suburbs and mind the mosquitos – that’s what! No, but on a more serious note, for all its beauty, the African continent is also home to many dangerous animal species, paramilitary groups, and tropical diseases every once in a while, so do take all the necessary precautions before you embark on the journey over there.

Here are some of the activities to pursue.

Visit The Local Bazaars   ‘If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man, you win some you lose some, it’s all the same to me.’ Weeell, it’s not gambling really, it’s the ancient art of bartering. But the ‘you win some, you lose some’ part is true. The thing is, most African countries have a long tradition of haggling and bartering, so engaging in this activity with the local artisans and shopkeepers will surely put a big ole smile on their face. Bartering matters to these people. If you refuse to dicker with the folk, you might even insult them!

Get Onboard a Safari Cart Indeed, safely onboard one of those tourist vehicles that look like oversized golf carts, you can see all the wonders of Africa’s rich fauna. From majestic lions basking in the sun and springy antelopes who are just looking for a patch of grass to feast on and not to get eaten in the meantime, to plucky honey badgers whom you won’t really see in all fairness (but still!), you’ll be able to pick up with your eye and camera the essence of life itself in the wilderness of Africa.

(Note: If you do see a honey badger running toward you, run as far as you can as fast as you can. Those things are much much tougher than they look.)

 Volunteer While quite beautiful and exotic, Africa to this day remains a continent that struggles with the economy and basic resources for life. Starvation, disease, and education still represent massive problems for the local communities and there’s going to be no easy solution any time soon by the looks of things.

So, why not use this horrible state of affairs to help out the common folk and volunteer a little bit. This can be a great option for people who have experience with volunteering and are willing to mingle with the locals. This especially goes for those seeking to learn the local language. Speaking with people onboard the project at hand will no doubt help you advance your language skills quickly. Oh, and this way, you might even befriend some local who’ll then invite you to stay at their place. Otherwise, you can just rent a room at a hotel.

 Australia and What to Do Once You’re There Boasting an impressive roster of beautiful if somewhat ‘poisony’ animals and some breathtaking scenery, Australia is a continent and a country that represents a proper paradise for a well-meaning traveller.

From visiting the Sydney opera house to trekking towards the red centre of Australia, this continent will give you everything from architecture and technology to natural beauty and ancient rainforests.

Here are some ideas on how to spend your time in Australia.

Go to Sydney That’s right, just go to Sydney. Often pestered by its reputation as an expensive destination, this city nevertheless offers a number of sightseeing spots, and a host of activities you can take up for free! One of the most beloved tourist attractions over there would be the walk from Bondi beach to Coogee beach.

This is a coastal walk and it will enable you to take some truly marvelous photos of the coast, the ocean, and perhaps a whale if you’re lucky. As far as the accommodation for this venture is concerned, you can rent some furnished apartments at Annandale Apartments – a rental company that deals in affordable real estate.

Visit the Red Centre of Australia And there’s no communism involved, don’t worry about it. Situated in the south of the northern territory, Uluru or Ayers Rock as it’s also known represents a big red sand rock formation in the middle of the otherwise flat area.

Thanks to its unique shape and massive size, the site’s been given the cheeky name of ‘Red Centre of Australia’ which sort of makes sense. Other than its distinct redness, this site is also rich in various water springs and vegetation.

If you’re a mountaineer, you might want to take a hike on this inselberg, but you’ll probably need a guide, as well. Overall, climbing on top of these curious formations can not only be massively satisfactory but also give you the opportunity to take some breathtaking photos along the way! All things considered, visiting Africa and Australia are two massive to-dos on any globetrotter’s bucket list, so waste no time and head over there as soon as you can.

Other than the destinations we mentioned, there are plenty of other interesting places to be found on these two continents – these would be only our picks. So, travel, explore, learn new languages, avoid those honey badgers at all costs, and Bob’s your uncle!  

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