Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore You Can Go For A Bike Ride

Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore You Can Go For A Bike Ride

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There are many ways to rejuvenate yourself after a hard week’s work. In recent times, it has become a challenge for a working professional (you) to maintain the right kind of balance between career, family life, and health. To remain in the best of health and mind, you can participate in many activities like going to hotels with your wife and children or indulge in social activity.

Let us imagine, you are a bachelor and remain in Bangalore. On the weekends, you can go to the best scenic places near Bangalore for a bike ride.

Top 10 Tourist Places Near Bangalore

1) Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore – Shivanasamudra Falls

Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore

Do you have a group of friends who have bikes? Then plan for a one day trip to Shivanasamudra Falls. 100 km from Bangalore, it is known by another name, Niagra of Karnataka. The height of the waterfall comes to 320 feet. If you are reading this article in the monsoon, then it is the best time to visit the place.

2) Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore – Mullayanagiri

Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore

Do you have two days as holidays? Then if your bike friends are ready to ride for six hours with regular breaks along the way, then go to Mullayanagiri. This place has the distinction of the highest peak in the State with more than 6000 feet. Kindly check the weather and make apt preparations. You can find the place situated near Chikmagalur and the entire bike journey will come to 264 km.

3) Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore – Turahalli forest/Omkar Hills

Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore

If you are looking for a short bike trip, then these are the places to go. You can get the best thrilling experience as the hill is situated 2800 feet (we are mentioning the sea level). Do not forget to check Sri Dwadasha Jyotirlinga temple. Then there are Giant Tower Clocks with every item having a minimum weight of 40 kg.

Regarding the Turahalli forest, you can find it as an area of green cover. Are you a nature lover? Then you can indulge in various activities such as bird watching and rock climbing. They are located in a place known as Srinivasapura and you will have to travel 40 km by bike.

4) Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore – Muthathi

Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore

Are you looking for a short trip by bike from Bangalore? Then you can go to Muthathi and it is present at a distance of just 100 km. And the attraction is the famous Hanuman temple. You can find this place near the Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary. The forest range around is absolutely magnificent and you can explore the parts of Cauvery wildlife sanctuary. Tourists also try coracle rides but it is advised to be careful.

5) Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore – Thottikallu Falls

Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore

Is it the monsoon season? Then do not forget to visit this fall. Instead of a bike, you can also go by cycle. The road is rugged and does not take children along if you do not have a car. If you have friends who are ready to hit the road, then Thottikallu falls is the best place to visit during the weekends. You can go to this place which is present 36 km from the NICE highway between Bangalore and Mysore.

6) Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore – Hesaraghatta Grasslands

Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore

If you just want to hear the chirping of birds and have a long walk with your life partner, then go to this place. You can visit Hesarghatta Lake which is a total mix of natural scenery and green grasslands.  Yes, there is also the Nrityagram Dance Village to pay a small visit. The place is situated at a distance of 37 km from Bellary Road.

7) Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore within 100 km – Mekedaatu

Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore

It is another water body with a picturesque landscape. There is another place called Sangam which is present four km from this place. The distance from Bangalore is less than 100 km.

8) Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore – Pearl Valley

Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore

The other name is Muthyalamaduvu, and you can see the pond getting filled via the water from rocks. Do not forget to visit the Nilgiri plantations situated close to the waterfall. The distance you can cover within one hour by bike. Real distance is forty kilometers.

9) Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore Within 200 km – Hogenekkal Falls

best travel places near bangalore

The river Cauvery gets divided into many streams. It also falls in various steps. In English, the words mean smoking rocks. Want to have a water ride? Then opt for the boat ride service. But the distance is a little more, with Hogenekal Falls situated 180 km from Bangalore.

10) Best Scenic Places Near Bangalore Within 100 km – Markonahalli dam

best scenic places in bangalore

Do you have a car and a bike? Then bundle your family members in the summer to the car and you go on a bike. This is among the foremost dams in the world to have been built using the Siphon System. It was built by Sir M Vishweshwaraiah in 1940. The length of the dam is 1812 meters and 22.25 meters in height. The distance from the dam to Bangalore is 100 km.


There is a famous proverb, all work and no physical activity can make anyone a dull person. So you can go to the places mentioned in this article by bike or by bicycle or by car. But there is one factor you have to remember. The vehicle you are traveling has to be in perfect condition. Ensure that it is perfect to the T, regardless of car and motorbike.

So, if you have a motorbike, how will you ensure that it is in perfect condition? Search for the best bike service at doorstep in Bangalore. If the bike will be in top condition then you can enjoy the journey.

The other scenic places which are near Bangalore, are

  • Chunchi Falls
  • Iruppu Falls
  • Balmuri Yedamuri Falls
  • Trekking/camping, rock climbing at Ramanagara
  • Skandagiri
  • Narayanagiri
  • Hebbal Lake (sunrise)
  • Thattekere
  • And the last, but not the least is Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta.

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