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Boom Shiva : An Unforgettable Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek

ॐ Booom Shiva ॐ

As the name enchants Boom Shiva >>> Shivaya boom !!!!! our mind takes the soul to Kasol where one can puff out all the filthy stuff from mind. If you are finding the place where you can break the dark castle walls Kasol is the place you found for because what’s you are finding are not inside you !!!!!


Well, I believe you are not much interested in knowing the geography however let me add some words to buzz up, Kasol is a small hamlet in Himachal Pradesh with a cool climate. One can assume that Kasol is the middle point for Malana, Tosh and Kheerganga trek it is in Parvati valley.


If you are planning for a solo trip for Kasol than tighten up your shoes, what are you waiting for you lets go their all alone as there is no creature in dark too, let the Kasol in you with party vibes? You should be open to imbibe stuff. Everything you are wanting became the magic story if you let the mountains in you will be safe and controlled.


Roll on a bus from Delhi to Kasol (there are many take services, you can book them online), the distance from Delhi to Kasol is around 517 km will take 12-14 hrs, well the best time to travel from Delhi to Kasol is under stars sky. When you reach Kasol the good morning is wished to you. I preferred to stay in hosted as I am travelling solo “The Hosteller” is a good place to hop on by 09:00 hrs you will be reached Kasol if you took a bus at 20:00 hrs from Delhi.

A Serene Visit to Kheerganga Trek

Day 1:- if you are good with walking you can plan for Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib which would take around 1.20 hrs to walk from Kasol market than on the same day will plan for Choj village it’s a nearby village and while returning you may plan for Chalal village where you can find a party place called Freedom café/ Pirates of Parvati.

On the way to Manikaran Sahib, I took a halt at GIM Morrission café, where you can enjoy the FALAFEL plate the native Israeli food. The café is located at a little 200 meters hike with magnificent ambiance and Boom Shiva vibes.


BUNNY BRO:- A good friend, trekking companion, party boy, Boom Shiva lover an early age gentleman full of positive vibes, well the time spent with him can’t be expressed in words. No False down .. sometimes kiddooo >> sometimes guide. It’s hard to go but when the time comes, we have to say goodbye.

Check him on InstagramTHE_SELF_LEARENER (HARSHIT)

Kheerganga trek

The Freedom café is a good party place in Chalal village, it would be an awesome experience it is around 04 km deep inside and we have to hike all the way from the jungle and when it’s dark it would be more thrilling. When you reached freedom café you will find what are you looking for… when Trance music is playing the party place in freedom café is full of lights followed by BOOM SHIVA !!! at freedom café You wished the night should be forever and with hostelers, you get to know that you are not alone many others are travelling with same intent burning out the filthy worries inside out, you will hallucinating with Trance beats.


Around 01 O’ clock in the night I came back to The Hosteller where we found the born fire is still on we all joined other hostelers at the born fireplace. Again, we wished the DARK should be long-lasting, but I have to bed sleep to eat Maggie on the top of Kheerganga.

kheerganga trek

DAY 2:- we woke up, at 7:30 am started for trek to Kheerganga trek full of thrill with  “BUNNY” and 2 foreigners from London. We started our trek at 09 am from BARSHENI DAM  {where Parbati ( Parvati) hydel project is located} to Kheerganga from jungle via Kalga and downhill from Kheerganga to Barsheni via Nekthan in 07 hours around 20 km. If anyone is planning for Kheerganga one should complete the circuit for both sides experiences and again it depends on your strength if you could do uphill and downhill in one go wither you can stay at Kheerganga or you will stay at kalga as there are good cafes in kalga too it’s a good party place.

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Kheerganga:- It is situated beyond Rudra-Nag waterfall, the hike is full of pines trees i.e. pine forest ascends to Kheerganga the spiritual site where Lord Shiva mediates for 3000 years. The hot water spring is extremely healing properties which is good for stomach and skin.

kheerganga trek

We took a bath in hot water spring where you find white kheer in the water, feel so relaxing all tiredness will fade away. On top of it do visit Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva temple.

While up hilling there is are some wooden plank bridges which makes the hiking thrilling and more adventures. The views from the top are breathtaking, we ate Dal chawal and Maggie which is very delicious.

After that we started down the hill, we took another way which is longer than the Jungle hike but it is quite as compared to the up-hilling way. In the middle of the hike you encounter Rudar nag fall which is in the name of one Lord Shiva snakes, while down hilling your experience will be different, the village is full of ancient hut houses/wooden houses. You will be amazed when you find people are absolutely fit and fine at the age of 70/80 years.

On 2nd day I was in the mood to take rest in Kalga where we puffed out the tiredness with full-on trance music and smoke and on the next morning, we headed towards Tosh where you will be found beautiful bistro full-on party mode. Some of the famous cafes are pinky didi café or café 360 and Pink Floyd café. We explored beauty and then suddenly it’s snowing what is the beauty it is. 

I got back to Kasol in the afternoon, where I visited the Evergreen café where the food is so delicious, the Sunshine café is full of Boom Shiva vibes.

It’s always hard to say goodbye but I take a leave from Kasol at 6:30 Pm and reached Delhi around 9 AM it took a little longer due to raining.

If you have time you can visit Malana from Kasol where will differentiate the facts and rumors.

Rumor:- The village has its own democracy as they are considered as descendants of the Great alexander whereas,

Fact:- Famous for MALANA cream which is sold by every citizen of the village whether it is bairn or a golden ager.


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