Covelong Surf Music Yoga Fest

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Surfing has always been one of the most adventurous and happening activity one would love to go for!  The weather forecast is not always 100% correct which makes it more interesting and happening. It is one of the most popular board sport, around 20 million people of the world are connected to this game.

The virtuous blend of Sun, salt, and sand makes surfing a breathless experience. In the lineup of surfing, you realize that either it’s a game or it’s a real life that “you’re alone with everybody” the surfing always makes you feel alive. Adding to the thrill the surf drive always boosts you up and gives you a positive impact.


The Covelong Point in collaboration with Surfing Federation of India is organizing annual surfing competition in Chennai. The surfing competition and the music festival are going to feature surfers from around the world. Apart from this, the organizers will also provide yoga sessions, art workshops, and a diverse music lineup for some recreational activities. The village witnesses the grand celebration of surfing, music, and culture every year in the lap of the Mother Nature. To ride along with a wave give you a long lasting impression and unforgettable memories forever. The main purpose is to promote and encourage the use of self-sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living on a beach.




  • Surf competition, kayak & catamaran races, etc.


  • Slack lining championship, beach volley ball, Kabaddi matches


  • Music – acoustic & beach stage


  • Different disciplines of yoga, meditation,


  • holistic healing workshops,


  • sound therapy, masseuse specialists, alternative healers,


  • martial artists


Unlike any other sport, the water surfing is something which comes up with a lot of spirits. Significantly it makes you feel great and apart from this according to a scientific study it has been proven that surfing gives you a remarkable healing and longevity properties. Though we do not need any science to have fun but there is nothing more beneficial and beautiful than exercising in natural environments or being in the lap of nature.


Covelong Surf Music Yoga Fest


Kovalam, Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

Month: August and September

Duration: Three days