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Enjoy The Real Beauty Of Rishikesh With Wanderlust Go

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Hello, guys, I am Aman Sharma, a guest, a customer, a globetrotter and now a follower as well as a well-wisher for Wanderlust Go. So, here I begin with my wonderful experience with Wanderlust Go on the trip to Rishikesh via Haridwar.

For the very first time, I got to know about Wanderlust Go through a close friend of mine and found it quite interesting so decided to contact them. The person on other end was very polite on the call and advised me really good things about the trip.

Impressed with his knowledge and services, I finally decided to let my trip be organized by Wanderlust Go. Though they only managed our train tickets and hotel booking it was quite helpful.

So we, me along with my two other friends reached the station and found our seats were already confirmed. We travelled overnight from Delhi to Haridwar and reached over there early in the morning. Later we took a Rickshaw to our already booked hotel by Wanderlust Go.

We made our check-in and got freshened up and headed to the ‘Har Ki Pauri‘. After taking the holy “Snan“. We started with our adventurous part of the journey, we began with tracking to ‘Mansa Devi Mandir‘ enjoyed our way to the top, had a lot of selfies there (grin) then we got down and again headed to our hotel. We took rest over there for a few hours. After that, we had our lunch and then we headed to the “Adventurous Rishikesh “. There also we already had our hotel booked by Wanderlust Go (I am really thankful).

We found the hotel wonderful and the sight seen from the place was just amazing (can’t put into words). As the darkness fell on us we were told by a text on my phone by Wanderlust Go that we must go and see ‘the Ganga Aarti‘ on the banks of the Holy Ganges and that Aarti was worth watching. After that we went to the local market and did a bit of shopping and did our dinner at the historic “Choti Wala restaurant “(was not tasty as it is named – Oonchi Dukaan feeka pakwaan).

Returned back to the hotel room and what we saw was… our hotel had already arranged a campfire for us on the shores of “THE HOLYGANGES“. OH, MY GOODNESS… Love to the hotel owners as well, the cool breezes around the shore.. just the sound of waters of Ganges… a full moon and the campfire…around 10-12 people were there..made some new friends as well…thanks to every organizer.

Next day in the morning we booked a raft from Shivpuri to the Lakshman Jhula. It was our first time on the raft, so we were guided by the raft guide about all the instructions to be followed on the raft during the adventure. And as we started all of us were having butterflies in our bellies but it came out to be an amazing experience again (can’t put that feeling in words) #musttryonce.

In between the rafting session, we also had cliff jumping(had our hearts in the mouth) but it was a fun and memorable adventure. It was already afternoon by the time we finished our rafting session. It was the time to go for “bungee jumping ” but it was the peak time so we didn’t get to do the bungee but we did “The Flying Fox”… again we were very enthusiastic and excited to do that..got harnessed to the security ropes and all and we were flying in moments after that…OMG… it was an experience to have. Ohhh mannn… it was a tiring day after all that, alas!!

we turned back to our hotel packed our bags and went to the bus stand from where our sleeper buses were already booked for the overnight travel..we boarded the bus and just slept the whole way back to Delhi (after all we were very tired)… in the end I would like to say very much thanks to Wanderlust Go to give us such wonderful memories. Love you guys… and they also kept our pictures and videos and did make a video and posted it on “YOUTUBE”.

Hell Yeeaahhhh. Love You Guys.Thanks Again. Have A Blast And Wish You A Bright Future For The Website And Youtube Channel “Wanderlust Go”

Dr. Aman Sharma

Dentist by Profession
Traveller by heart

An enthusiastic traveller who is always keen to explore the places and wander himself with his partners.

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  1. Thank you for your overwhelming response towards us(Wanderlust Go). We hope that your Rishikesh tour was memorable and in future, we look forward to you regarding travelling.

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