Japanese Man Travels 7,000 km Just to Draw ‘Marry Me’ on Google Earth for his Girlfriend

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World’s Most Unique Wedding Proposal? Japanese Man Travels 6 Months to Spell ‘Marry Me’ on Google Earth

An artist from Tokyo chose to make his wedding proposal so unique and remarkable that it has set a record. Yasushi “Yassan” Takahashi decided to rely on Google Earth to ask his girlfriend for marrying him. And thus, he set out a plan to traverse Japan, in such a way that his GPS travel route spelt out ‘Marry Me’ on Google Earth. It took him years to design this yet he comprehended what he needed to make his proposal unique. A video of his idea was shared by Google themselves and now the world can’t stop discussing it. Takahashi has impressed all netizens.

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Takahashi always had a desire to make his proposal unique and he did it in a very amazing way. He learnt about digital art using GPS in the year 2008. So he began planning his route throughout the country to spell out the two special words, ‘Marry Me, for his girlfriend. His better half Natsuki was obviously overwhelmed with the gesture. She was cited to China Morning Post, “It was a very big surprise. I felt the greatest love in the world.” Well, when one part of the world spells it out for you, we are sure it would be the best feeling. Google themselves took notice and shared his video on social media.

All this while, when Takahashi was voyaging, his better half was pondering where is he going in solitude without her. But when she got the result she was too happy and it was definitely the biggest surprise ever. It was difficult obviously, he needed to experience outrageous climate conditions however he got some great and incredible experiences all the way. He travelled over 7,000 kms and it was definitely worth it. Well, hats off to this guy who has set a record of wedding proposals.

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