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A Journey To Chhota Kailash – Uttarakhand Heaven

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Chhota Kailash – Dream Mountain

Chhota Kailash is one of my bucket list destination place where I always wanted to go and when the trek to Chhota Kailash started I felt like my dream comes true? The most attractive way of exploring the Himalayas and experiencing its majestic beauty is by trekking. This trekking expedition was not planned. It was last day of the year 2017, that I went for trekking with my 3 friends in the hills of Uttarakhand. Mountains, where the gods gently speak to the lonely heart, have always fascinated and captivated me with its utter grace.


chhota kailash

Chhota Kailash (Little Kailash)


Hills of green and golden rock, fuzzy at noon, dusky at dawn, glowing at sunset; where fierce torrents rush to the valleys below. We left our cottage early in the morning with no preparations as the trek was spontaneous.

We started our walk. After the initial few Kilometers, I started panting. Breathless, I scanned my surrounding for taking some rest. I badly wanted to stop and move back to our cottage but my friends motivated me not to stop. They insisted that I must walk. We crossed a small village and the view opened up in front of me – terrace gardens and an open sky for miles. After 15 minutes break and having tea we resumed our trek.


chhota kailash

Our Energy Drink  chhota kailash chhota kailash

As we climbed further, I caught a sight of the majestic Himalayas and beautiful birds. These birds disappeared behind the mountains, only to appear again.

My body did not expect hardships that I suddenly hurled on it and neither I was mentally prepared to hike more and more. But more I trekked along, pushed myself ahead. I slowly began to see things differently beyond the hardship and discomfort that nature bestowed upon me. I started to observe more, feel more, see more the beauty of things around me.

chhota kailash


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That was the first time I realized how many other things I was capable of doing if only I tried. We were all moving up, gossiping and smiling. We took breaks in between. The sky suddenly cleared and a glorious afternoon welcomed us. As we got closer to our destination, the path became thicker and I could see my destination.

Witnessing nature unfold in layers in front of my eyes made me feel that it was the most divine experiences of my life after reaching Chhota Kailash. Raucous bird sounds filled the atmosphere and I called it a day.

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