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Leh Ladakh Trip – Trip of a Lifetime

leh ladakh

No Road Is Too Long When You Have Good Company

One fine day, I along with a friend of mine planned a trip to Hampta Pass Trek at the beginning of the month of October. I was very excited like the new lovers, but the nature has it’s own decision towards life. It started raining heavily everywhere the only thing could be found was water. Even the water level of the river got increased and the whole road was covered with it, due to that all the trek passes were closed and we were really upset and could not figure out how to proceed. Among this all, we also heard about the news of the IIT Roorkee students that 35 students were missing due to the same reason. We made calls to all the tour & trek operators but everyone declined apologizing because of the then conditions, confirming that all treks will be closed due to weather conditions. Hereafter we let the hope for the trek to Hampta pass.

As great philosopher has said that where there’s a willthere’s a way is something really true and works at times and the same thing we did. My friend came to me saying that he has been going to Leh Ladakh alone and wanted to know if I was interested in accompanying him. I was surprised for the moment because I was shocked that what all I was hearing because generally people goes to Leh with the group or friends and everyone wants to be there at least once in a lifetime. Finally, we decided to go to the Leh Ladakh by flight. And we checked out the flights and weather conditions of Leh Ladakh. A day before the trip we instantly book the flights and finalized the trip and finally, we shared that yes we are going to Leh Ladakh.

Our Unforgettable Leh Ladakh Trip

1st Day 

The trip starts on the day of October 5th we arrived to the IGI airport early in the morning. And finally, the times comes when the flight take off and we are going to the Leh Ladakh and in around of 30 minutes the stunning view of mountains covered with snow hitting our eyes with an unforgettable view. We are continuously looking out the mountains and the view was mesmerizing. Finally, we reached to our destination after a journey of 1.30 hr. We booked a cab for ourselves and the driver helped us to reach out our destination that is ‘Zostel’. We reached Zostel at 10 AM and had breakfast there. And then we checked in to the hotel and put our backpacks to the locker and go to the market to explore. And we already decided our plan what we going to do in the Leh and how we will cover all the things. And we go to the market and asked for the bike (bullet) on rent. And then we met Ali Bhai they offer us a bullet and we took that one to ride in the Leh Ladakh.

Leh Ladakh

And we decide to go to Magnetic Hill. We ride our bike on the Srinagar Leh Highway that was an amazing feeling to ride a bullet and at the same time to seeing a beautiful landscape that includes the mountains covered with snow and the colour or shades of the trees. That was amazing and we stop at a point and continue watching the picture to capture but you can capture the moment not the feelings what you can see or enjoy that time. And we ride our bike to 40 km to the Magnetic Hill and yes the car push back or towards the magnetic hill. And there we enjoy our food i.e. Maggie the mountains common food ???. And we click some photographs for memories.

Leh Ladakh

Then we ride our bullet to the Sangam where two river meet and that point is called the World’s Highest Point of River Rafting. We enjoy there but due to the cold weather, we did not take any risk to enjoy the rafting at Leh Ladakh. But somehow it’s good not to take too much risk.

Leh Ladakh

And then we ride our bike to Leh city and go to the Pathar Sahib Gurudwara where we do darshan and there was an amazing story of the Pathar Sahib Gurudwara. And we also had langar of Chai and Rusk. ☕☕ Chai is the best partner in the cold weather and we get too many positive vibes. And on the opposite side, there is also a gurudwara for darshan but at the top of the mountain. And we asked Sardar Ji that how much time it will take to reach there they said (apna apna hisab h mujhe 20 mint lagte h). And we dropped the plan and go to the Leh city.

Leh Ladakh

And then we go to the Shanti Stupa in the night. That all worth it to go the Shanti Stupa in night. We enjoyed the cold breeze air and see the whole Leh city in night and also try to capture the milky way. And we stay there 1.5 hr to enjoy. All worth it.

And finally come back to the shop to return our bike and where Ali Bhai ask us to go to the Pangong Lake and Nubra Valley. And obviously our reply is yes and they said ok tomorrow you check out from here for Pangong lake. And finally, we returned to our room.

2nd Day

And next day we check out for the Pangong lake by taking a route from Khardungla Top – Nubra Valley – Pangong lake. But the luck is not with us and when we reached South Pullu at Army check post they denied to pass the vehicle due to heavy snowfall and we request them but they refused. And we come back to Leh city market with a sad mood to have some lunch. And then we explore all the monasteries and Rancho school (3 idiots) which all are famous.

We see the Shey Palace, Hemis Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Rancho School, and returned back to our room. But we still have some hope.

3rd Day

Leh Ladakh

And next day we checked out early in the morning and decide to drive to the Pangong lake first. We en-route to the Lake by covering Changla Top – World’s Second Highest Point 17600ft. And the roads covered with snow and we reached to the Changla top where we can enjoy the best time to see the mountains covered with snow and at the same time there was playing Shiva Tandav in the Changla Temple. That feeling was amazing and not expressive. That positive vibes encourage us and revive us. And there we capture some clicks.

And after covering the Changla top we drive to the Pangong Lake by covering off-road driving, landslide driving, stunning view driving covering all the unforgettable moments with a lavish view. That was amazing.

Leh Ladakh

And Finally, we reached our next destination that is the Pangong lake. The view was great you can only feel when you were there. I think everyone must go there to enjoy the peace, colours, mountains, flow, all things. We have our lunch there and enjoy the Lakeside view. You see the other who enjoy themselves by going there but you cannot feel the same what they feel that time.

We sit there for 3 hours but you realize that you can sit here for the whole day and still your eyes demands more to enjoy the view. And we also sip the lake water that was so salty and was so funny. But you can enjoy every minute and how you do that it’s your call. You can watch out in this video.

Leh Ladakh

And after checking the weather condition we decide to go to the Nubra Valley and we reached out to the next destination that is Nubra Valley and there we enjoy the Camel Safari and see the Sand Dunes which are very famous for all the tourist. And we also see where all the movies shooting took place (Bagh Milkha Bagh & others). And we stay at the local guesthouse that was amazing.

They offer dinner and breakfast at a very effective price. We enjoy a lot there. Well worth it. And we decide to check out from here early in the morning at 6 AM.

4th Day

And we finally achieve that we did the check out early in the morning at 6 AM. We first go to the Diskit Monastery which is very famous among the visitors and when we reached out there to see the Statue we enjoy the rain, snowfall and sunshine at the same time in different directions. That was frightful view for us because we doubted that if snowfall still continuously we are not able to reached out the Khardungla top.

And we ride forward to the next destination by enjoying the stunning view of mountains and yes that time we called the Ladakh is a Jannat place. And we continued driving and finally we reached the check-post North pullu. And again the army officials refused to pass the vehicles and we wait for the long 4 hrs. The roads covered with snow and we have our breakfast there. And enjoy the moments.

Leh Ladakh

And after 4 hrs of waiting we drive to the Khardungla Top and in between we see the BRO work and army officials. And after driving on the snow-covered roads we reached to the World’s Highest Motorable Road in the World that is Khardungla Top. And that time our feeling was yes finally we did it.✌️✌️ We see the beauty and snow covered mountains. That was really really amazing trust me.

And after 15 minutes (due to weather and oxygen) we drive to the Leh city and finally, we come back to the Leh city. And we take breathe peacefully and then we go to restro to have some evening breakfast.

And Finally, we go to the city market to purchase some stuff and enjoy the dinner.

5th Day

And finally, we reached to the airport and thinking that again same schedule.

Personally suggest to all wanderers please go there once in a life and enjoy yourself without any worries or pressure. And you also extend your day schedule which helps you to cover Kargil and Drass too.

If you want to know the budget or other stuff  about Leh Ladakh Trip please mentioned in the comment section.

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  1. No Road Is Too Long When You Have Good Company! Very well said. This article has very valuable information I must say it has a detailed note on everything you must do and don’t in Ladakh Leh. I ‘m definitely going on a trip to Leh-Ladakh with my friends.

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