Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi – Must Visit Place to Explore The Colourful Monastery

Majnu Ka Tilla Delhi

Majnu Ka Tilla – Hidden Hangout Place

A slice of Little Tibet in Delhi, Majnu Ka Tilla has gained popularity as a place of worship and a hub for all sorts of yummy and delicious Tibetan street food (the most famous food is Laphing!). And this colourful monastery settled here has just made us fall in love with this place even more.


A Colourful Place of Worship in Delhi – Majnu Ka Tilla

Have you seen the stunning Majnu Ka Tilla Monastery? This architectural marvel is really blissful to look at from the outside and inside, with those beautiful yellow gongs and pretty decorations adorning the place to go and explore. The peace and serenity that this place exudes are just priceless and for us Delhiite, it’s a haven!

Apart from the monastery, there’s also a Buddhist temple inside that you must look out for nearby. Needless to say, this place is logged with cafes and restaurants that mostly do Tibetan cuisine.

You’ll also find a vast arrangement of shops that offer Tibetan clothes, handicrafts, gadgets and lots more so club your visit shopping and eating spree!


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Once things are back to normal, get your cameras out, tag your gang and head over to this beautiful place for some superb pictures and yummy cuisines?

If you are fond of traveling and curious to getting know about Tibetan culture and practices of Monastery then this beautiful place i.e. Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi is the best place to go and explore the centric beauty.

How to Reach Majnu Ka Tilla – The Little Tibet Delhi

The best way to reach Majnu ka Tila is Delhi Metro. You can take the yellow line (Huda City Centre – Samaypur Badli) metro to reach there. The nearest metro station is Vidhan Sabha. After you exit, you can find several e-rickshaws and autos outside that can take you to Majnu Ka Tila in as much as 10 or 20 bucks.

Q) Majnu Ka Tilla Nearest Metro Station?

A) Vidhan Sabha (Yellow Line Metro)



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  1. I already visited there and tried Laphing dish. It is very spicy but yes everyone should try once while visiting Majnu Ka Tila.

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