Most Beautiful Beaches of India

most beautiful beaches of India

According to Forbes, the beaches of Ibiza, Rio, and even the Australian ones have become a bit too crowded and not very liveable. The new “happening” is now in India and its beautiful and fascinating beaches. India has very scenic beaches where you don’t only have fun around but also isolate from the world and spent some me time. The best are found on the west coast of the country.

Top 7 Most Beautiful Beaches of India


  1. Havelock Island (Andaman)

most beautiful India beaches for honeymoon

Very white sand surrounds the tropical forest and gently slopes towards a sea of ​​many colors. Far from the chaos of Indian cities, you will find a jewel: Havelock Island. The population protects the beauties of the island from the impact of tourism, allowing a wide offer of housing and services with a view to sustainable development. The best-known beach is “Beach Number 7” or Radhanagar Beach. There are no corals or rocks so you won’t find diving enthusiasts but families and for relaxation.

  1. Varkala Beach (Kerala)

most beautiful beaches of India

Coastal town situated above a cliff rich in vegetation that towers over miles of white beach. In short, a truly unique location in the world and one of the most beautiful beaches is definitely Papanasam. Finally, Varkala Beach is a hidden paradise in Kerala. The best time to visit is between September and March.

  1. Colva Beach (Goa)

most beautiful beaches of India

It is in fact considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the entire Indian west coast. It is among the most populated beaches of India, thanks to its charm and its undoubted beauty. Surrounded by palm trees and natural environments unique in the world, overlooking the Arabian Sea but despite the tourists, it is a place that preserves its peace and tranquillity.

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  1. Gokarna (Karnataka)

beautiful beach of India

The Om beach is famous among long-time travelers as one of the most pleasant and peaceful beaches in India. Since the 1970s, when the first Westerners arrived, things have changed. However, Gokarna maintains its magic spell intact, where, according to the myth, the god Shiva appeared from the sea (but Westerners cannot visit his temple). There are enough accommodations of different levels and breathtaking landscapes are not lacking. Usually, those who arrive here stop sometime, enough to imagine what Goa must have been like at the dawn of tourism. Travelers looking for monuments can venture inland to admire the granite temples of Hampi, 245 km away: a winding and long road between forests, challenging but the archaeological park at the finish line pays off.

  1. Mamallapuram Beach (Tamil Nadu)

 Beautiful Beaches of India

The beach of Mamallapuram is the least equipped and less suitable for sea life among those proposed, but where else can you play in the waves or admire fantastic sunrises feeling you participate in the history of India? The Sea Shore temple, for centuries beaten by the wind of the Bay of Bengal, watches you from afar and acts as a backdrop to your memories. In addition to the beach near the museum village of Mamallapuram, there are long stretches of sand, unfortunately not very clean except those on which the comfortable resorts (north of the village) overlook. Beware of strong currents, don’t go too far.

  1. Marari beach (Kerala)

Most Beautiful Beach of India

If solitude and a pristine atmosphere are what you are looking for, then fly over Cochin and take a taxi to Marari Beach (about an hour and a half). The few accommodations make it an exclusive resort, with an endless beach of white sand and often dolphins crossing the waves. Pay attention to the currents and it is preferable to bathe in the stretch of sea in front of the resort or at the hotel where you are staying. Marari is still predominantly a fishermen’s beach and staying under the watchful eyes of the beach guards will protect you from the curiosity of the locals. If you are tired of the sea and the sun, treat yourself to a relaxing cruise on the nearby backwater.

To celebrate New Year among the people you have to go to Fort Cochin, but even more interesting is the Carnival with a parade of floats (and elephants) the first of the year. Until March 13, the first Biennial of contemporary art in India can be visited.

  1. Kovalam (Kerala)

Most Beautiful Beach in India

Historic beach enclosed between promoters and a romantic lighthouse. In the morning, the yoga section on the beach is set apart by the song of the fishermen who pull the nets. Ideal for those who enjoy walks along the sea with craft shops and restaurants specializing in fresh fish, meetings with foreigners and Ayurvedic massages. The most curious can visit the city of Trivandrum or go as far as the southern tip of India, about 80 km away. In the city, there are often cultural programs, not organized for tourists, for example, Kathakali performances.

Perhaps the New Year will not be a big party, but in January karnanik classical music fans gather in the garden of the king’s palace, in the shadow of the great tower of India’s richest and most mysterious temple for the Swati Tirunal Festival, an event of ancient charm.

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