Why Mountains Are The Best Place to Redefine The Taste of Rum

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Going To The Mountains Is Going Home

Drinking alcohol doesn’t make a difference but having RUM in laps of mountains does make a difference.

I don’t think when or where……. We always need a mood maker and the first decadent sweetener comes in mind is RUM when we are in biting cold and freezing winds, which adds some sweetness and spikes to life.

Starting with cocktails during sitting in mountains woods which further leads to RUM’s craving straight took you to “on the rocks and neat” in woods nest feeds you golden and dark moments of like as like the name RUM itself.  During the same, if you are watching your tick tock you are doing sin whatever it is day or night your pocket friend with full of energy (until the last drop) is always next to you to serve the mountain ranger until the bottom ups.

Watching the fumes of fire from the iconic glass of rum creates a happening ambiance with friends or alone Wanderlust Go (Hippies) guys. YESS!!!! Absolutely you are correct, pleasure is a state of mind, but all the twinkling of stars, jiggles, and giggles are interlinked with each other. You are above the horizon surfing on Milky Way with the spirit spreading love and happiness on the voyage.



Mountains = Freedom


At the time of dawn Gang of mast malangs (friends) sitting top on the glacier pouring some fresh just fruited ice into the RUM glass makes it melt,  admiring the eminence beautiful seen with dozy eyes captured an EPIC beauty with pleasure feelings which cannot capture by any camera of the world. The scenic beauty with RUM printed on with the canvass of mind throughout for life and added a new experience to share.

We can talk as long as we can…… but we all know the secret of RUM is it never changes its taste and always gives goose bombs when we are in mountains. Serving rum with friends sitting in peaks is a decent way to pay tribute to oneself.

That’s why we be like OLD MONK “he he he” jokes apart, but turned out one into a generous creature.