rishikesh weekend trip

A weekend Trip To Remember At Rishikesh

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Rishikesh Weekend Trip

Rishikesh weekend trip started with seven brothers from different mother’s? at early dawn where one can hear the chirping of birds, we are fully equipped with joy, happiness, sovereigns of wanderlust and other mandatory stuff.

The journey begins from Delhi all the way from Uttar Pradesh towards final destination Rishikesh, while crossing UP the fields of sugarcane and Trees seems to be calling us to have rejoiced with their juice, we halted in farms climb up on Mango trees play hide and seek in sugar cane filed with making comfortable with sugarcane as a raw material.

After an Enjoyable halt, we head towards our destination but in between, we stopped at THE HINDU Holy place Haridwar. The enchanting view of Haridwar made our stay and enjoy the bath in The Holy River GANGA, without wasting a single minute we arranged things in a proper manner and jumped into the RIVER GANGA, Play water games for 2 hours and then went to track in mountains “Ohh! my god what a stunning view” these are the first words when we reach the mountain stop to enjoy the beauty.

rishikesh weekend trip

Finally Reached To Rishikesh

Our camp is located in deep in the mountain’s womb along with GANGA tributary, We are very close to nature to define this in one line OUR NOSTRILS AND LUNGS FEELS YOUNG and FIT as we are very much apart from the dust smoke and noise pollution, just after 15 mins it rains.

What a good fate we have you can imagine i.e it’s about to dusk in mountains and rain appears after rains the there were rainbows in the sky and we are sitting just next to the RIVER Tributary, The night in camp ended with Glorious moments and never-ending joy.

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Next day we planned to raft (the very long and tough 32 km’s) the water is muddy instructor told us “BE careful the water is muddy its very tough conditions if you follow my instructions we had a blast off enjoy in this muddy water ?”.

Enchanting the rhymes of HAR HAR GANGE we push our rafter to GNAGA and start paddling towards Rishikesh Ram Jhula the ending point. The Seven different rapids came and we just passed all rapids easily with instructions in the middle of rafting we had hot Maggie and cliff jumping from 30 ft.

The rafting ended with lots of happiness, tiredness doesn’t make us enjoy less as we all are obsessed with enjoying so not fatigue no tiredness, we had brunch on very famous restaurant “CHOTI WALA”. And returned to camp where hot dinner is waiting for us.

This Rishikesh weekend trip was so amazed may the words can explain our real feeling but I am sure this article touched with and make you feel you just had a ride to Rishikesh?