Things You Will Relate Only if You Have Lived in Delhi


Delhi the capital of the nation is not official capital but also the most happening place in the country. A place where thousands of dream comes true, where people have biggest hearts (Dilwalo Ki Dilli). The words are insufficient to share the spirit of the people who live here. No matter in which of Delhi you live in but yet you have travelled whole of it!


delhi   Never stand at the opening door of Rajiv Chowk and Kashmiri Gate Metros until you wish to be sandwiched among the mob.


delhi   Always bargain the skyrocket prices at Palika and the Chandni Chowk.


   Instead of an idea if you have Jugaad for anything your dictionary belongs to Delhi.


   From getting a metro seat to cracking a job interview, you have competition everywhere.


   A magical wardrobe is in the house of every girl, the collection is from Sarojini to Shoppers Stop.


   Each of us has a special Hindi Dialect.


   Boys expect everybody to know their father, “Tu Jaanta Nai Main Kiska Beta hoon!”


   One should not trust the hype of Gaffar Market never ever give your mobile to repair, they always end up replacing original parts.


   The South Delhi guy puts on his reflector at 4.30 a.m. on getting the first ray of sunshine.


   30 Rupees product becomes 300 rupees products at Tibetan Market, they make it very expensive.


   Your friends have the solution for your every problem.


   Khan market is just exaggerated head up towards Hauz Khas Village for good cafes.


   The second home for Delhiites is the north campus, no matter from which part of Delhi you come from!


   You have judged everybody.


 Blame Arvind Kejriwal for every small issue in Delhi.


 No one needs the introduction of Paranthe Wali Gali but the better one is Kake Di Hatti at Fatehpuri, Old Delhi.


 You find the world’s best cinemas at Indian Habitat Centre for free.


The last but not the least, the supremely amazing metro makes Delhi the best place to live in.