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Travel Story – India by Eyes of Foreigner

It’s Not A Travel Story, It’s A Travel Experience #India

Hi, I am Eva. I had a chance to visit New Delhi and Agra and therefore I am writing this article based on what I could see in the short period of time in these places.

When somebody says “India“, it evokes in me contrasts.  Contrasts, that are bigger than in any other country that I ever visited before, a lot of great things but also some sad things.

travel story india

Things that come to my mind are crowded streets, swishing tuk-tuks, rickshaws, honking cars, no traffic rules, motorcycles with 3+ persons on it without helmets, walking cows, pollution, children begging for the money, mess in the streets, but also majestic and breathtaking architecture, rich history and culture, women in beautiful saris, traditions, friendly, gentle and welcoming people, spirituality, beautiful temples, variety, spicy food (but really, really spicy), but also beautiful mountains, even though I haven’t had a chance to see them in real.

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I like that people are taking care of their history and surrounding of the historical monuments, on the other hand it is very sad to see the amount of paper and plastics everywhere around you in areas that are little bit further from these places and I do believe that people should pay attention and taking care of the environment in areas where people are living, and kids are growing.

What left negative feelings on me are children begging in the streets, so foreigners who are not used to these situations should get prepared.

Prior visiting India, I would recommend to each foreigner to study a little bit the history of this country, because then you can better understand the monuments in place, culture and if you have a good guide or the local person who really knows the place, it is a success key.

Also, I would suggest the foreigners to travel in the months from October to March since other months are too hot and you might have troubles with the temperature.

On top of the list “must to see” is 100% Taj Mahal and when my colleagues offered me to take me there, I accepted it without any hesitation. One word that is describing this ivory-white marble mausoleum is “masterpiece” and I love the symmetry, precise proportions and floral motives of this place. The entire monument is just overwhelming and there are no doubts that this is one of the greatest architectural achievement. I would suggest you visit this place early morning so that you can see it before the crowd.

When you are already in Agra, you should stop in Agra Fort. It is the largest fortress in India and this fort remained the fortress of the Mughal Empire until Delhi became the new capital city. Agra Fort also gives good opportunities to people who like to take nice pictures.

In Delhi, it is hard to choose for me the best place to visit.

akshardham temple

I would say that if you are a foreigner and you are in New Delhi, your first steps should lead to Akshardham, which is Hindu Temple and the spiritual-cultural place. It is an extraordinary place and it can help you to understand the Hinduism’s principals/values and traditions. This place offers exhibitions, which are happening in multiple rooms, film, boat ride, which I found very educative and informative as I realized how many contributions India gave to all of us. If you come in the evening you can see also the great water show.

A monument that was for me one of the most impressive ones was Qutub Minar, which is a beautiful, 73 meters high, intricately cut structure minaret that you should not miss, and I really love the entire complex. It is one of the tallest and oldest structures that are still existing. In the complex, you can see also the second tower that was attempted to be built two times larger than the first one, but this tower was never completed, unfortunately.

Another place that I would recommend to visit is Humayun’s Tomb and Tomb and mosque of Isa Khan, which is inside of the complex. You can find here beautiful gardens, trees and the architecture that has details also from Persian architecture.

When you are in New Delhi, I believe that you should see Red Fort, which was constructed as the new residence of the Mughal Empire for almost next 200 years. The construction was made of sandstone and similar like other monuments, Red Fort is also decorated by marble, domes and floral ornaments, which are very precise. You can see the massive walls, balconies, canals, palaces, gardens.

On my way to Red Fort, I had an opportunity to get a ride on a rickshaw, which was a great and funny experience and when you have luck for a good driver as I had, he can take you around the local markets and narrow streets.

all India war memorial

The last visit of my travel story India trip belongs to India Gate, which is a memorial reminding soldier who dies in the first world war and which is located in the center of New Delhi.

Overall, I can say that this was a great experience and I wish to come back to India again and visit other places. Since India is a huge country and distances are just too large it requires enough time. This is my travel story India and everyone must explore this beautiful country.

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