travelling for inner peace

Travelling That Gave Me Inner Peace

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Travelling For Inner Peace

I took to walking seriously, Among those fields of the farmhouse, I could hear my footsteps crushing on the dry leaves. This sound and the silence taught me something else with all these feelings. I had a perception of freeing my mind and let it wander openly where ever it wants to.

I did not want to dilute the thoughts of my past experience in it and my perception also sharpened. Going back to the hut to see Nanaji.

I noticed the vibrant of green mango plants which previously went unnoticed. I have never ever seen such a vibrant out of a crayon box.


travelling for inner peace


On such one walk, I found my inner peace and stood soaking in the silence of nature. I stayed there and deepened my thoughts till the sun disappeared. The bubble of my indecisiveness burst over there in the trip to Odisha.

My thoughts got very clear after I closed my eyes and took a deep breath whence starring those mountains.