war memorial India gate

All India War Memorial: The India Gate

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The War Memorial India Gate was established on 10th February 1921 the monument is located in heart of the capital of the country, i.e. astride the Rajghat. It was built in the memory of 82,000 soldiers of Indian Army who died in the First World War. As the name defines the purpose of constructing the India Gate is a symbol of Heroism.

The walls of the India gate are inscribed with the names of all those Indian Soldiers who were martyred in World War I and Afghan wars.


War Memorial India Gate

war memorial India gate


Why Visit India Gate?

New Delhi the capital of India and comprises of many historical monuments, India Gate is one of the central highlights for the tourists (local as well as foreigners).

See the iconic landmark of India’s capital city in the early morning around opening time to avoid rush with fresh air and sun’s boon light which purge every soul whether it’s living or non-living.

India Gate a bonafide place for the family outing where you also found the young couples flock, kids playing cricket along with ice-cream and balloon vendors and a tremendous amount of foot traffic.

In addition to this one can enjoy boating with the structure is floodlit after sunset and the air cools a pleasant temperature. You will find yourself with the scenic beauty of All India War Memorial as it is surrounded by park around with lots of lamps which leave the long lasting impression on one’s mind and the thing of beauty is the joy forever.


Time to Visit: Open on all days, round the clock

Admission: Free and open to all